Darci’s One Year Transformation with Online Personal Training

Darci_Success_story_anniversaryMAIN (1)

Several months ago I featured Darci as a success story on my blog. She signed up with goals of running races and completing obstacle courses, and she lost weight along the way.  Darci stayed on long past those races, creating more goals and enjoying her healthy habits. Now that it’s been the one year anniversary…

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Get Your Bikini Body NOW!

bikini body now

Yes girls.. Memorial Day is right around the corner and it’s all bikinis, shorts and crop tops from here.  Personally, I love it, but I also moved to Florida for endless summer, and I train all year round.   But if you are feeling a little less excited than I am or a little weary…

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Jen Sinkler – How to Start Powerlifting

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Jen Sinkler Began Lifting to Improve at Rugby and Decided to Train for Powerlifting Meets. Now She’s Hooked and She’s Here to Help You Get Into the Sport and Train for Your First Meet! Listen to the Interview Here!    

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How This Mom Got Her Pre-baby Body Back.. And Better Than Before!


My client Lisa decided to take her fitness to the next level. She buckled down and found a way to get from good to great. No magic pills or powders.. no gimmicks.. just a little help and hard work. Here is her story.. My journey with The Get In Shape Girl began when I was…

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How IIFYM Can Help You Get Lean


If It Fits Your Macros is a new nutrition design that has helped a lot of people lose fat, eat healthier, have more balance and look their best.  As someone who has never really tried IIFYM I am not an expert. But since I am a fitness and nutrition blogger, it’s my responsibility to get…

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Juli Bauer & George Bryant – Fatloss Through Paleo and Kitchen Hacks


Juli Bauer from Paleomg.com and George Bryant from Civilizedcavemancooking.com are here to spill everything from how they started eating Paleo to how they created their cookbook, The Paleo Kitchen. Download and & Listen HERE Get Your Copy of the Paleo Kitchen Cookbook HERE

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Toshia Beats Workout Slump And Finds Her Abs


Toshia has been working with me for over a year at this point.  She first began with me as a member of the Lean Body Workout Program after having completed the Jamie Eason LiveFit Trainer on Bodybuilding.com.  She was in a fitness rut and with her goals of getting lean, she decided to give my…

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How Intuitive Eating Can Help You Lose Fat and Increase Your Performance


I don’t take progress pictures too often anymore. There’s a few reasons, but primarily because my goals are far more performance oriented and because if I do these comparisons too often it drives me a little nutty. But I decided I wanted to see if any changes had taken place, other than the ones I…

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The Role of Fasted Cardio For Fat Loss and Building Lean Muscle

fasted cardio PINWP

  For such a long time I heard the benefits to fasted cardio, but I said, “I can’t do that!”   See, I was always SO hungry first thing in the morning and there was no way I could do anything other than pee before I ate.  Then we moved to Florida.  The first week…

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Karyn, Mom of Two Gets Into the Best Shape of Her Life With the Lean Body Workout


In 2013, one of my friends started a Facebook page about her fitness journey, so of course, I started following her to support her progress.  At this point, I was trying to find something that I enjoyed, but everything that was “for women” was mostly tedious cardio, or just incredibly fast paced and I was…

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