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Traveling is something you should get excited about, not have anxiety about.  Whether you travel occasionally, for fun, or weekly for work, it is possible to eat healthy in the airport.  I am going to run through some of the more popular US airports to fill you in on what I would eat.  First it’s… Read More »
When I was asked by TX Organics if I wanted to be part of a taste test where I compare grassfed from Northern California compared to the grassfed beef I usually eat, I literally replied ” &@%$” yes.     For dinner, I usually eat ground beef about 3 – 4 times a week and… Read More »
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If you pay close attention to The Get In Shape Girl you have probably noticed over the last couple of months I’ve been talking about the awesome coaches that are working with me. Well, I am pretty proud to announce that we have hired two amazing new coaches to help me spread the wealth of… Read More »
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Kimberly Wallace has always been passionate about fitness.  She had a weight bench in her bedroom in high school and loved reading Muscle & Fitness magazine (before they had a “Hers” version).  Over time her interests have drifted away from spending hours in the gym and more toward staying fit and active through a variety… Read More »
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Throughout high school, college & her early 20’s Kimberly Wallace was obsessed with working out and always trying out the latest routines from whatever fitness magazine she was reading that month. When she first met her husband she actually turned him down for a date because she didn’t want to miss “leg day” at the… Read More »
My fitness journey to loving the weight room began a little over two years ago. I have been a gym goer from an early age. I was over weight as a kid. My siblings had different metabolisms and body types than I did. My mom stocked the house with junk and it never had a… Read More »
Emily Bierbrauer grew up living an active life by spending a lot of time outdoors, but it wasn’t until her late teens that she decided she wanted to make it a lifestyle.  Around that time, Emily discovered clean eating and immediately dove into nutrition and how food can dramatically change a person’s life. Since then,… Read More »
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Kara Saha, also known as Strong Like Kara, is full of energy and adventure. Coming from a rural community in Texas, this farmer’s daughter has always had an appreciation for the great outdoors. Her favorite place to be is in the sun, with her dog and family, near the water. As a girl and young… Read More »
My name is Andi and I am a 25 year old triathlete. I’ve been an athlete all my life. I’ve played softball, basketball, ran track, swam and played water polo. As an active individual I didn’t understand why I didn’t LOOK like an athlete.   It wasn’t until I became a client of The Get… Read More »
Lauren has been interested in fitness and nutrition for as long as she can remember. She grew up as a competitive swimmer for almost 12 years, and thrived on the physicality and competition that sports provided. Throughout college and after college she ran consistently, completing many 5k and 10k races as well as a half… Read More »
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