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After years of being super hard on myself and focusing intently on every morsel of food I put into my body, I finally am done with it.  About two years ago I started Crossfit. I began because I needed something different. I started getting really interested in olympic lifting, snatches and clean and jerks, but… Read More »
All week I have been thinking back over my journey so far. I remember the excitement of signing up with the GISG and anxiously awaiting your first email! Lets be honest, I was very overwhelmed at first with all the reading material and things I needed to fill out, AND the new workouts! I really… Read More »
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You’re kicking butt in your fitness program, putting on muscle and dropping fat. Your body is changing before your eyes. You feel stronger, leaner, proud of yourself, more confident. In a word…AWESOME!  Except, well, there comes a time in your journey when you may not feel so great about the changes you’ve made. I’m talking… Read More »
Shani is a long-time client of mine. She and I have worked together via online training for around a year and she has completed the Lean Body Workout Program as well. Upon signing up Shani was very hesitant to work with an online trainer. Here is her success story…   I found GISG on Facebook and… Read More »
I love to sleep! I mean who doesn’t love to sleep?!?! You brush your teeth, set your alarm for the next morning, and crawl into bed. Dream World USA, Here I come! ZZZzzz, wait, what time is that meeting in the morning?! Don’t forget to call the doctor to set up that appointme ..Zzzzzzzz. CRAP, I forgot… Read More »
Who can recall eating just a teeny bit too much candy last Halloween… ok, maybe more than a teeny bit? Well, you sure aren’t alone! October 31st happens to be a special day, infamous for overindulging. It’s right up there with Thanksgiving dinner and the beloved Christmas baking season.  If you’re a parent, it’s likely… Read More »
It has become a normal occurrence to hear someone say, “I have zero motivation to do that.” or “Wow!  He has a lot of motivation, look what he accomplished.”  It’s as if everywhere you turn there is lack of motivation and an envy for people who seem to have it.  But do people who accomplish… Read More »
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One day I logged onto Instagram and saw I had been tagged in a side by side comparison of a girl’s abs. Impressed, I reached out to her to find out what she was training for.  Kelsey was using my Bikini Guidebook to prepare for her very first bikini competition. I was fortunate enough to… Read More »
Brandi loves to have fun! But her passion is to help those who desire to, to become a healthier and happier version of themselves. Brandi has an extensive background that includes degrees in both Exercise Science and Dietetics, becoming a Registered Dietitian. She also has competed as a collegiate athlete in Powerlifting for LSU and… Read More »
  Brandi’s desire is to help those who desire to, to become a healthier and happier version of themselves. Brandi has ALWAYS had a huge passion for health, fitness, and overall wellbeing.  At an early age she would get fitness magazines, research different exercises trying them at home and motivating her dad to go (take… Read More »
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