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This is Kathy Scigliano, married and a mom of two boys-  Kathy was pretty involved in sports when she was in high school but like most of us LIFE gets ahold of us and makes a 360 turn when you get married and have kids. After baby number two it was harder to bounce back… Read More »
This story is about my long-time client Teresa. I may have overstepped my boundaries in the beginning, but I am glad I did. Every now and then people need a little tough love and this is one case of how it changed a woman’s life for the better. Working with The Get In Shape Girl… Read More »
At the time of writing this, I am coming up on my one month anniversary of moving to Tampa. This is my second time living here. Apparently I like to move up and down the east coast a lot. I grew up in North Carolina, moved to Boston to go to college, after graduating I… Read More »
A special shout out today goes to my fiancee and business partner in crime, Ryan, for helping me put together this list. We ALL know I am a fitness addict, so you can’t imagine me with someone who isn’t into it, can you? Me either. So, coming from a guy’s perspective, here are 12 gift… Read More »
After years of being super hard on myself and focusing intently on every morsel of food I put into my body, I finally am done with it.  About two years ago I started Crossfit. I began because I needed something different. I started getting really interested in olympic lifting, snatches and clean and jerks, but… Read More »
All week I have been thinking back over my journey so far. I remember the excitement of signing up with the GISG and anxiously awaiting your first email! Lets be honest, I was very overwhelmed at first with all the reading material and things I needed to fill out, AND the new workouts! I really… Read More »
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You’re kicking butt in your fitness program, putting on muscle and dropping fat. Your body is changing before your eyes. You feel stronger, leaner, proud of yourself, more confident. In a word…AWESOME!  Except, well, there comes a time in your journey when you may not feel so great about the changes you’ve made. I’m talking… Read More »
Shani is a long-time client of mine. She and I have worked together via online training for around a year and she has completed the Lean Body Workout Program as well. Upon signing up Shani was very hesitant to work with an online trainer. Here is her success story…   I found GISG on Facebook and… Read More »
I love to sleep! I mean who doesn’t love to sleep?!?! You brush your teeth, set your alarm for the next morning, and crawl into bed. Dream World USA, Here I come! ZZZzzz, wait, what time is that meeting in the morning?! Don’t forget to call the doctor to set up that appointme ..Zzzzzzzz. CRAP, I forgot… Read More »
Who can recall eating just a teeny bit too much candy last Halloween… ok, maybe more than a teeny bit? Well, you sure aren’t alone! October 31st happens to be a special day, infamous for overindulging. It’s right up there with Thanksgiving dinner and the beloved Christmas baking season.  If you’re a parent, it’s likely… Read More »
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