How to Stay Motivated In The Gym





I know sometimes I can be so obnoxious when it comes to asking me for advice on how to get motivated.  I have a really hard time answering this question for people who can’t find it in themselves, because quite honestly, I have never been there.


When my clients ask me what I do when I lose my mojo, I have to lie to give them an answer.  I had never lost my motivation.. until this one day…


For me, exercising is FUN.  I love the butterflies in my stomach before I do a tough workout.  The way I feel during could be described as orgasmic.  And the feeling I have after is heavenly.  As soon as I’m done with one workout, I start to think about what I’m going to do for my next workout.  Sometimes I’ve been so utterly excited about an upcoming workout that I can’t sleep.


If you don’t feel this way about exercising, then I strongly suggest you venture out and try new things.  I only feel this way about lifting weights, yoga and sometimes running.  Maybe this is how you feel about Zumba or rollerblading.  Whatever it is, find something you love to do.


When it comes to eating clean, I definitely haven’t been the most perfect eater in the world.  Right now I’m at a stage in my training and at a place with my physique where I can generally eat anything I want, but I do it in moderation.  Do I pig out on pizza?  No.  Do I enjoy a slice or two on every trip to NYC?  Yeah!  If I’ve got a serious craving for something sweet do I go eat two bowls of ice cream?  No.  I wouldn’t be able to stop pooping my pants if I did that so it’s not worth it to me!  Will I enjoy some almond butter or some dark chocolate?  Fo’ sho!


I don’t need motivation to eat clean – I know the consequences if I fall too far off track and it’s not worth it.


Anyhow, when I came back to Boston from Hawaii I got depressed.  We all know I’m not in love with living here.. to be honest, I don’t even like it, much less love it.  So here I am, this tan, blonde southern girl who gets cold when the temperature drops down to 60, back in Boston, missing her girlfriends and wishing she could put on a bikini and hit the beach!  But being in Boston, I’m a good 5 months away from that and very depressed.



The next day rolls around and I’m unpacked, rested and it comes times to get ready for the gym.  My workout for the day includes cleans and squats – two of my favorite exercises!  Any other day I’d be elated and would probably show up early, but on this day I didn’t want to go.  I was pouting and fumbling around my house looking for things to do so I wouldn’t have to go to the gym.


But I have a noon workout scheduled every single day – it’s my routine – it’s part of my life.  So clearly since it’s “on my schedule” this makes it more do-able, to even the least motivated.  Then I recognized that I was stalling and I wondered what was up with me.


So I texted my girlfriend who loves working out, and squatting in particular, just as much as me.  I’m like “Wtf is up with me?  I don’t even wanna squat!” wah wah wah…  She wrote me back immediately something along the lines of, “Get your a$$ in the gym.  Of course you want to squat.  Stop whining and go.”


So I listened, I drove to the gym and what happened?  Right after my first couple of sets of squats I was elated and in love all over again.  I felt great during and after my workout, and my love affair has continued on ever since.



So the moral of the story is this…

1. If you aren’t in love with your training, find something you are in love with.

2. When you make things a routine or part of your everyday schedule, you are far less likely to get off track or skip.

3. Constantly do workouts that challenge you.  When you set goals and complete them, set new ones so you are always challenged.

4. When you are considering skipping, text a friend.  They will set you straight.

5. Keep in mind how amazing you feel after your workout.  It’s an irreplaceable feeling that you know you love, sometimes you just forget.



What keeps you motivated to workout?


What do you do if you feel like you may be losing motivation?



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