how to run a 5k in less than 40 minutes

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After signing up at Gold’s Gym in October 2010 I expressed my desire to be fit and healthy to the salesman.  My routine was explained to him, along with my nutritional habits.  He suggested that I hire a personal trainer to help fine tune my efforts.  It sounded like a “sale” trying to be made, but I was desperate, having been stuck in the plateau for almost eighteen months.  The thought of not knowing the possible outcome had I not signed up troubled me, so I agreed.

The personal training started out great.  Strength training, which I had been performing at a minimum and incorrectly, was the main focus of our sessions.  FINALLY, I started losing again! In just a few months’ time ten to fifteen more pounds would vacate my body.  Hope in health and fitness had found its way back to my heart and soul.  Then my trainer explained to me that he had plans to move and would no longer be able to guide me through my journey.  My feelings were bittersweet about the change, for I was happy for his opportunities.  I had learned that I needed the professional assistance and was aware that I wasn’t ready to go at this alone.  Continuing a training program with guidance was a promise I made to myself and I viewed the opportunity as one to learn from multiple resources.

After some committed ‘spying’ and investigation of the other trainers, I distinguished who I believed would be the greatest leader for me; Samuel Etheredge, a natural body builder and the Gold’s Gym Fitness Manager.  His clients (of all ages and sizes) bared expressions of exhaustion along with accomplishment and satisfaction after their sessions.  He was the coach I knew I required to drive me past that comfort zone.  Already established as a personal trainer with regular clients in addition to a highly demanding schedule, I acknowledged it would be only with a little bit of luck and God’s grace that Sam and my schedules would work together; and then they did.

Roughly a month or so before training with Sam, I had begun a running program.  Having not ever been a runner, this challenge was colossal and vastly important for me to overcome.  I had set a New Year’s Resolution to run a 5K by November 2011.  Earlier this year in April, friends, family and Sam joined me (both as participants and as supportive spectators) in my first 5K race.  Sam challenged me physically and mentally before the race, encouraging me to set my goal finish time at 40:00 minutes, five minutes faster than my original time goal (let alone the goal just to finish).  With the motivation of a friend who never left my side and Sam who had completed, then returned to the course to push me just before the end, I crossed the finish line at 39:38.  Exhausted but thrilled, I made my way toward to my support group of friends and family, only to be surprised by the trainer who I’d originally signed up with. He had made the drive from out of town to cheer me on as well.  The love, support, encouragement and pride expressed by those surrounding me that day were beyond phenomenal.  At that moment, I was experiencing the happiest day of my life.



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